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TREEXO is an all trades general building contractor that can make your property projects happen.



TREEXO is a business operated by Men and Women who are committed to giving you satisfaction on a daily basis. Our company is shaped and driven by a shared ambition and team work, professionalism and a love for challenges.


We listen to you, make suggestions, offer guidance and work in an environment where everyone thinks about each other's best interests. We are about respecting each other's work and doing our utmost to succeed.


Our ambition - «to make your project happen»” - has quickly become a passion. Thanks to our collaborators and partners we build a culture of satisfaction, excellence and success for your clients.


Since credibility and trust are paramount, we make transparency and honesty the building blocks of our relationships. We always work in accordance with prevailing standards and instil trust by being open and responsible.


We inform ourselves, collaborate and make decisions. The way we anticipate needs is part of what distinguishes our company and is at the heart of how we work on a day-to-ay basis. Anticipate to succeed!

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De the first draft to completed development, building is a highly complex procedure. We know that as the project advances the level of difficulty may rise and complication on the building site are almost inevitable.

For every operation we appoint a site manager who will be in attendance from the start to the end of the project. We believe that to be an essential arrangement to ensure a good relationship and keep as comprehensive a record as possible of the construction process.

That is the promise that TREEXO keeps for each and all of our clients. We have a simple but demanding philosophy. Total commitment, all the time. Uninterrupted dialogue between you, the client, and us, the general building contractor.

Our teams are ready to listen to you all throughout the construction process so that impacts on budgets and deadlines are well controlled.


Based in EPAGNY (74330), Haute-Savoie,TREEXO are experts who can bring your construction project to a happy conclusion. We have been operating in urban and mountain areas since 2014, particularly in the Rhône-Alpes region, for domestic and international clients.
Our various skills complement each other and we combine them, and our experience and talent, to make your project happen.

Giovanni President
“Nothing big has ever been accomplished without enthusiasm”
Estephany Head of administration and Finance
“If you want life to smile at you, show it your good humour”
Interior Designer 
“Details make perfection and perfection is not a detail.”
Project Management

“Determination is the way to success.”
TREEXO Contractant Général du Bâtiment
52 chemin de Saint-Paul
74330 EPAGNY Metz-tessy
(+33) 6 62 62 86 37